12 Ways to Save Energy over the Holidays
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12 Ways to Save Energy over the Holidays

Feeling a little stressed with the advent of holiday cooking, shopping, entertaining, and traveling? You came to the right place. This is a stress-free zone!

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, put your feet up, and a take a moment to re-charge. We’ve got some energy saving tips for you that can make your holiday season a little more efficient.

Are you the one cooking for a crowd? That doesn’t mean your energy bill has to soar.

  • #1- Shut that oven door. Whether it’s a turkey, a ham, or an apple pie, keep the peepers from opening and closing the oven door.
  • #2- Big pot, big burner; little pot, little burner. Make sure your pots fit the burner. Mismatching either way means wasted energy.
  • #3- Pressure in the right places. Think about using a pressure cooker for some stovetop items. They reduce cooking time and use less energy.

Shopping and traveling require energy efficiency too.

  • #4- Make a list and check it twice. What’s worse than aimless wandering through the mall or grocery store wondering what you need or what you forgot? Make a list of what you need and where to find it to limit your trips to the store. (Or, order it online.)
  • #5-  Tune up. Tuning up isn’t just for carolers. Make sure your car is tuned up and running efficiently and get those snow tires inflated properly too. You’ll be doing some extra driving, so be sure to get every last mile per gallon possible.
  • #6- Map it. Holiday traffic can be trying, but it’s even harder to navigate if you’re lost. Use your GPS or consult a map. The most direct route is the most energy efficient route.

Looking to light up the house, but not the electric bill?

  • #7- Use LED lights. Using LED holiday lights costs pennies to use, versus dollars for incandescent lights.
  • #8- Time out. Use a timer to automatically turn your lights on and off.
  • #9- For the toys. Energy Star rechargeable batteries are more cost effective than disposable batteries.

Having company? Make sure you’re all cozy and warm.

  • #10- Be prepared. Dead River Company can make sure your home heating system is ship shape and ready for winter.
  • #11- Let the sun shine in. Open your curtains during the day and let the natural warmth of the sun go to work so your furnace doesn’t have to.
  • #12- Storm windows. Installing storm windows can reduce heat loss through your windows 25 to 50%.

And don’t forget to conserve your own energy! Remember to slow down and enjoy the fun of family and friends. If that last batch of cookies doesn’t get baked or that extra string of lights doesn’t get hung, let it go. Save your energy for what truly matters.