5 Ways to Prepare your Home for Winter
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5 Ways to Prepare your Home for Winter

Fall is a beautiful time to live in New England, especially if you love pumpkin flavored things. It’s also the best time to take steps around your home to make sure you are prepared for winter.

In this two-part post, we’re going to share some of our favorite advice to make sure your home is buttoned up and your heating system is ready to go before the cold weather rolls in. This week, to start things off, we’re talking about simple, low-cost projects you can tackle around your home that will help you keep your energy costs down this winter:

  • #1- Light it up. By now, you must have noticed, the hours of daylight are dwindling and dark nights close in really fast.  Make sure you check and replace any broken bulbs outside your home. Because your outdoor lights will be left on for longer periods of time, choose Energy Star LED bulbs to save on energy all winter.
  • #2- Insulate and seal. It is extremely important to make sure there are no air leaks in your home.  About one third of hot air escapes through leaks and cracks. By sealing leaks, you can cut your heating bills up to 10% and make your home more comfortable.  Insulate attic access, ceilings, walls, floors, and heating ducts. You should also weather-strip doors and windows, and caulk air leaks around windows, door frames, pipes, and ducts.
  • #3- Clean your gutters. After the leaves finish falling off the tree, take some time to clean out your gutters. Once winter comes, a clogged gutter could result in ice dams that prevent your drainage systems from working properly. Water could seep into your home and then you’re left with the added costs of moisture and mold issues.
  • #4- Reverse the ceiling fan. We’re a fan of fans, because they can actually help save on your heating costs- even in the winter. Make sure you change the direction of your ceiling fan to create an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling. There is usually a small switch on the fan that will reverse the direction.
  • #5- Ready the inside for hibernation. This part can be fun! Decorate your home for the season with warm blankets and cozy furnishings. Layer up with rugs. They help trap heat and make a warmer home, not to mention keep your toes happy. This tip may allow you to keep the thermostat turned down a few more degrees and save on your energy bill.

That’s it for part #1! Check back next week, or subscribe to our blog, to make sure you don’t miss out on part #2.

At Dead River Company, we’re dedicated to keeping our customers warm and comfortable, and we’ll be sharing advice from industry experts on how to make sure your heating system is ready for the cold weather ahead of us!