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An All Propane Home

Think of all the reasons you and your family love your home: conversations around the dinner table, game night in front of the fireplace, or curling up on the couch with your favorite blanket. When you include propane appliances throughout your home, you can give your family even more reasons to love your home. In addition to comfort and convenience, an all-propane home offers energy and cost savings, as well as efficiency and performance.

Click through the slideshow to learn all of the ways you can use propane in your home.

Gas Range & Oven
Propane-powered cooktops and ovens deliver instant heat and precise temperature control. Cooking times are typically faster with a gas range because gas flames apply heat directly to the pot or pan as opposed to electric which heats the surface first and then the pan.

Did you know?
You could save $80-$120 annually on energy costs compared to electric cooking appliances.

Propane Dryer
If you’re looking for high performance features like faster drying times, fewer wrinkles, less ironing, and energy savings, turn to a propane-powered dryer. Take advantage of steam drying and smartphone capabilities – control your dryer with just the tap of an app!

Did you know?
The average cost to operate a propane dryer is roughly $40-$80 per year compared to roughly $100 per year for an electric dryer.

Propane Fireplace
Cozy up to the comfort and ambiance of a propane fireplace without the hassles of a real fire. Propane fireplaces are environmentally friendly, convenient to use, and in the event of a power outage, will provide your family with heat and light.

Did you know?
A propane fireplace delivers 5-6 times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces. The average cost to operate is roughly $50-$150 per year depending on how often it’s used.

Propane Generator
Give your family greater comfort, security, and safety with a propane standby generator. You may not even know it’s working because it only takes about 10 seconds for the generator to automatically start when the power goes out.

Did you know?
An extended power outage costs a family an average of $1,250. This includes any damage to electronics and homes, spoiled food, eating at restaurants, and the potential for temporary relocation costs. Not to mention the added stress, dangers of cold weather, and loss of water (for those with a well).

Hot Water
Propane tankless water heaters deliver an endless supply of hot water. Imagine being able to take a shower, wash dishes, and do laundry all at the same time – all without ever worrying about running out of hot water.

Did you know?
Propane-powered tankless models only heat the water when it’s needed, meaning you can save more than $150 in annual energy costs compared to electric.

Central Heat
Propane is more than just energy-efficient – it delivers comfortable and consistent heat to keep your family warm on even the coldest days. For greater cost-savings, use a programmable thermostat to easily adjust the temperature based on whether you’re home or away.

Did you know?
Furnaces and boilers are often referred to as a central heating system. This is because the heat is generated in a central location and then distributed throughout the house.


If you’d like to learn more about upgrading your home to energy-efficient propane appliances, contact us to speak with one of our Residential Energy Advisors.