Buying a new home? Consider this
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Buying a new home? Consider this

Congratulations! You’re ready to buy and you think you’ve finally found it- the one. That perfect new place that has everything you’re looking for. You run your fingers over the stainless steel appliances and imagine future cookouts on that back deck. Go ahead and admire the funky backsplash in the kitchen, the subway tile in the bathroom, and the crown molding in the living room. Start to picture how your life could be here!

Just remember that there is much to consider when buying a home—especially your first home. At Dead River Company, we’re eager to see you happy, safe, and comfortable in your new home. By checking a few important things up front, you can take the worry out of this big step and be moved in just in time to host a summer cookout on that deck. Consider these tips:

• See if those beautiful windows have function as well as form: try to open them—all of them, no matter what season.
• Make sure those gleaming faucets deliver both cold and hot water. Turn them on, let them run, and be sure to taste the water. (And flush all the toilets too.)
• Light a fire in the fireplace and see if it drafts as it should.
• Use your eyes and nose. Look for mold and moisture, sniff for mildew.
• Check the attic. Is it insulated? Does it breath? Is it humid?

And give the heating and cooling system a thorough going over. Things to ask about and look for:

• How old is the system? If it’s older than 15-20 years, you can count on repairs or replacement relatively soon.
• Are the pipes rusty? That could mean age, too much carbon monoxide, or too much moisture.
• Does the air (warm or cool) circulate well? Make sure the system is turned on and see if you feel the proper effect all over the house.
• What is the annual home heating energy consumption/cost? (You may need to investigate ways to reduce heating and cooling costs. Dead River Company can help.)

A home inspection is required, so be sure you have a reputable and reliable home inspector conduct a top to bottom check of your prospective purchase: everything from the heating, electrical, and plumbing systems to the condition of the foundation, exterior, interior, and even whether all the doors open and close, as they should.  And your job is to be an informed and inquisitive homebuyer.

Once you’ve bought your new home, we hope you’ll rely on Dead River Company to help you keep it running smoothly!