Dead River Company Energizes the TD Beach to Beacon Road Race
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Dead River Company Energizes the TD Beach to Beacon Road Race

At Dead River Company, energy is on our mind all the time. So, we think it’s fitting that this year; Dead River Company is the Official Energy Partner for the 2014 TD Beach to Beacon 10k.

While we specialize in running homes more efficiently and safely, not in running shoes, we happen to know a lot about energy! And as it turns out, understanding energy- how to conserve it and how to use it—is key not only to running a successful race, but also to running a comfortable home. Here’s how:

  • Fuel efficiency: Runners need a balance of carbs, protein, and fiber to maintain an even flow of energy and reserves with no crashes. Homeowners need efficient systems that make the most of whatever energy source they choose. Is propane right for you? Is a ductless heat pump your best choice for supplemental heat? Is an oil-burner upgrade what you need?  Dead River Company can help you sort this out.
  • Energy conservation: No matter what fuel you use, using less of it is best. Runners know not to start the race too fast or there’ll be nothing left in the tank at the finish. Homeowners will go much further on a tank of oil or propane and have lower energy bills by properly weatherizing their homes and properly maintaining their heating and cooling systems. Dead River Company has several ways to reduce your home’s fuel consumption that we could “run” by you!
  • Proper support and equipment: Just as runners know to trust the right trainers and fitness advisors, homeowners know they can trust Dead River Company to advise them well and supply the best equipment and knowledgeable service.

Some 6,000 runners will hit the pavement for the big race on August 2, raising money for this year’s beneficiary, Rippleffect, a Portland-based non-profit youth and community development organization operating outdoor adventure programs.

Dead River Company and our employees share a commitment to supporting local non-profits. If you have a friend running on August 2nd, we hope you’ll make a pledge to support Rippleffect and come join the fun. The crowd needs your energy too!