Ductless Air Conditioners- Cooling Comfort in Any Room
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Ductless Air Conditioners- Cooling Comfort in Any Room

It’s hard to believe that mild weather is finally here. And even though we swore last winter that we wouldn’t complain about the coming heat and humidity, well, we’re only human!

We can’t do anything about muggy air outdoors, but we can indoors—and in many cases, we should.

Indoor humidity isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s unhealthy. Did you know that humidity promotes mold growth and dust mites? These are indoor allergens that can trigger allergic reactions or even more severe issues such as asthma. High humidity inside your home can also cause rot, which can lead to expensive repairs. In winter, too little humidity can lead to other problems with both your health and your home.

So, how can you regulate inside what Mother Nature dispenses outside? An energy-efficient ductless Air Conditioner with heat pump technology (or mini-split) may be the solution for you. Because no duct-work is required, it’s easily installed by Dead River Company’s licensed technicians. Ductless technology is a smart, energy efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to central, forced air systems. And because a ductless mini-split uses only the exact amount of energy needed to maintain comfort, you are saving energy all year long.

The same whisper-quiet unit that keeps you cool in the summer, will keep you warm in the winter. These units are 100% energy-efficient and on average reduce heating oil or propane use by 30%. Which means you’re saving money, too!

The first step toward improving your indoor air quality and comfort is to call Dead River Company at any of our offices. We’ll set you up with a Residential Energy Advisor to assess your current heating and cooling system, fully explain the details of the ductless air conditioner, and work with you to see if this is the solution you need.

According to NASA, last summer was the 15th warmest on record and the eighth wettest. How’s that for a formula for humidity? This past winter is ranked as one of the coldest in 20 years for the Northeast. These kinds of extremes can wreak havoc on your health, your home, and your wallet. Why not be ready for whatever weather comes our way?

Summer’s almost here. Don’t sweat it!