Welcome to Dead River Company’s blog!
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Welcome to Dead River Company’s blog!

Think of us as that friend or relative who has all the tools and know-how for any project in the neighborhood. You know, the one who’s a trusted resource for help and advice.

As a homeowner, you know that keeping your home running takes a lot of work. There’s a lot to think about. Who has time to know all there is to know about things like home heating systems, air conditioning, propane, or what to look for in a heating system when buying a house? Well, we do. So you can relax and let us help.

In upcoming posts, we’ll talk about subjects such as

  • how to use less fuel with supplemental heating
  • what to look for when buying a house
  • low and no cost energy saving tips
  • what questions to ask when upgrading your home heating system
  • reliable fuel supplies
  • how a ductless air conditioner with heat pump technology can keep you comfortable year round and reduce energy costs

We all want to be comfortable and safe all year long—and we want to use less energy and save more money. We can help with all that. We understand it seems a little odd for an energy company to tell you how to conserve, but that’s what makes Dead River Company different. Our best product is service to our customers. We are committed to your comfort, safety and the energy-efficiency of your home.

Here in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts – winter is never too far away! Come back often and we will help you find ways to battle the elements, and find answers to your energy related questions. Relax, we’ve got this.