What you need to know about Online Security and Outdated Browsers
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What you need to know about Online Security and Outdated Browsers

We’ve all heard of security breaches that put our personal data at risk.  For over 20 years SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has been the most common encryption tool for websites.  There are still vulnerabilities that exist with this tool and no fixes can adequately repair those.  As a result, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) is requiring companies who process online payments to put in place even more secure alternatives as soon as possible. 


Source: Hubspot 2015

As a result of upgraded security protocols, older browsers that don’t support modern security settings are no longer considered secure.  People using outdated browsers will likely not be able to access some websites they have been accustomed to viewing in the past.  Below you will find a Q&A that we hope you find helpful as you begin to navigate some of this internet-wide transition. 

What is a Browser?  A browser, or web browser, is the application used to search for and explore websites – examples include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

How do I know if my browser is outdated?  Here is a link to check what version browser you are using and whether it is up to date   https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ 

What happens if I have an outdated browser and I attempt to access an updated website?  If your browser doesn’t comply with what is deemed to be a secure version, a variety of things can happen:  you may receive an error message when attempting to access the website, you may get a message stating you have an outdated browser, you may not be able to access all elements of all screens or the site may not function the way you would expect.

Is every company upgrading security?  Over the next 6-18 months all websites that handle online payment processing will be required by the PCI to upgrade security protocols. 

How do consumers update their browser?  Below are links to several popular browsers.  Click and follow instructions to download the latest version.  Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 

Is there a browser you recommend?  Browser selection is an individual preference.  However, the most highly supported browsers today are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  Over time, Internet Explorer will no longer be supported by Microsoft as they are moving to “Edge” which is brand new but comes preloaded on new Windows machines.  Edge is a supported browser.

As a Dead River Company customer, what does this mean to me?  Outdated browsers can no longer access the MyAccount Online Account Management website.  If you are able to access the site with an outdated browser, all elements of the site may not display properly. 

If I cannot access MyAccount, how do I make a payment?  If your computer supports it, you can upgrade your browser using the links above and then you should be able to access MyAccount.  In addition, you can always contact your local office and we will gladly help you with your credit card payment over the phone. 

The most important thing to remember – all of these changes are put in place to protect the security of customer information.