Planning for your Move!
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Planning for your Move!

Moving to a new home can be equal parts adventure and stress. As with any adventure, if you’ve planned well, the chances for a smooth execution and positive outcome increase dramatically. Good planning begins with a good list!!

At Dead River Company, we’re all about keeping you comfortable and safe at home, so here are a few checklists to help with moving into your new one:

First, decide if you’re up to doing it yourself or if this is a job for professional movers. If you hire movers, here’s your first checklist:

  • Get at least three quotes and trusted references.
  • Be sure of the distance and your number of items so you get an accurate estimate with no surprises.
  • Be clear on what’s included. (For instance, you want that heavy sofa bed brought upstairs to the guest room, not just unloaded on the front lawn.)
  • Be clear on what items, if any, you’ll be packing up yourself.
  • Be clear on when you expect delivery.

Think you can do it yourself? Next list:

  • Rent (or borrow) the right size truck
  • Get the necessary supplies including appropriately sized boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and markers (to accurately label each box!)
  • Pack one or two easily accessible boxes for your first night in your new home that include a change of clothes, bedding, towels, dinner plates, utensils, a first aid kit, medications, toiletries, and items that you will need for your pets.

Regardless of who’s handling the move, here’s another list of must-dos:

  • Notify the U.S. Postal Service of your change of address, as well as your bank, credit card companies, children’s schools, magazine subscriptions, etc.
  • Notify family and friends.
  • Test and, if necessary, replace smoke & CO2 detectors in your new home.

And of course, pay attention to energy and water! We may not be able to help you pack, but we are experts in this department. One last list:

  • Notify your current fuel supplier before your move.
  • Make sure you set up utilities in your new home before you arrive. Research whether you can transfer your current account. If you’re a Dead River Company customer moving to one of the hundreds of communities we serve, our Move Team can quickly and easily transfer your account to your new home.
  • Find out if your heating and cooling units have been serviced to ensure safety and efficiency. If Dead River Company currently services the home you’re moving into, we’ll have those service records and historical records to estimate fuel use.
  • If your new home is serviced by a private well, make sure the water is safe to drink. Even water that’s clear and odor free can be problematic. Get the water tested by a reliable, licensed, water quality expert.

Good luck in your new home! And remember, Dead River Company is always ready to help with all your home energy needs.