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Price Protection Programs

The best jugglers will tell you that balance is key. Juggle eight tennis balls? Easy peasy. Add a bowling ball into the mix and it gets a little harder.

Kind of like when you’re juggling bills. Everything’s going along just fine and – wham – in comes the heating bill that’s higher than you were planning because it’s colder than you were expecting. Sound like last winter?

We can’t do anything about brutal winter weather, but if you live in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Massachusetts Dead River Company can help you select a budget plan or price protection plan to ease those heating bills.

We have a number of ways to help you juggle a little less next winter and the time to act is now, because Price Protection Plan Season is open.

  • EasyCAP: Once your CAP price is set, you’ll never pay more than the CAP throughout the program season. If our full-service fuel prices go below the CAP, you pay the lower price.
  • Equal monthly payment: To help manage your household heating expenses, we spread your heating costs out over predictable, equal monthly payments.
  • All gallons are protected: There is no required number of gallons to purchase. If you need more gallons than estimated, your full-service price will be protected under the EasyCAP plan. If you use fewer gallons than estimated and you end the season with a credit balance, we will credit your account this amount for the following year. Or, if you prefer, we will send you a check.
  • Interest on your balance: You earn interest on credit balances.
  • Convenient automatic delivery: Don’t worry about running out of fuel. We’ll schedule your deliveries accordingly.

Our very long winter has reluctantly allowed spring to gain the upper hand. As we all look forward to a well-deserved New England summer, we understand that you may not want to think about winter heating bills. But a quick call to us now can bring you peace of mind next winter. We’ll explain our price protection programs and help you decide which plan is best for you. Let us help you juggle – we won’t drop the ball!