Propane delivers versatility and energy-efficiency into your lifestyle
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Propane delivers versatility and energy-efficiency into your lifestyle

When you see a Dead River Company propane truck on its way to make a delivery, you’re probably thinking that the propane will be used to heat someone’s home — and with good reason. Propane is an exceptionally energy-efficient and abundant alternative to natural gas and heating oil. It’s also an environmentally friendly fuel – deemed a ‘clean’ energy by the 1990 Clean Air Act. You might be surprised to learn, however, just how many uses there are in a home for propane.

  • Gas ranges and cooktops are all the rage in kitchen design right now. And why not? Cooking with gas can make us all feel like the next Barefoot Contessa or Bobby Flay. Professional chefs prefer a gas range for their precise temperature control. They are energy efficient and immediately responsive. (There’s a reason when life is humming along just fine people say, “Now we’re cookin’ with gas!”) And with gas powering your kitchen, you can cook a restaurant quality meal even if the power goes out.
  • Did you know propane gas can also help with the laundry? Whether you tackle this chore once a week or once a day, using a high efficiency propane-powered dryer will save you money – about 20% annually compared with an electric clothes dryer. A dryer running on propane will dry clothes faster and more efficiently than an electric dryer. And because a propane dryer produces hot air with more moisture than electric dryers, it can help relax wrinkles and avoid over-drying of clothes. Less time in the dryer is better for your clothes and less time in the laundry room is better for you!
  • Need a new hot water heater? Consider going tankless. Propane tankless water heaters are highly energy efficient, compact in size, and provide an endless supply of hot water on demand. On average, an EnergyStar propane unit can save more than $150 a year in energy costs compared with standard electric units. (You may even qualify for a tax credit or rebate). If you prefer having a hot water tank, no worries. Propane gas also powers those more efficiently than electricity.

Whether you’re considering converting your home to propane or already use it every day, remember that propane technology doesn’t stop with heating systems. There are many other ways propane can enhance your home, your lifestyle, and help you save energy. Contact us and let our knowledgeable experts help you understand how propane might be a better choice for you.