Put winter at the top of your summer “to-do” list
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Put winter at the top of your summer “to-do” list

Somewhere between refilling the propane tank on your gas grill, digging out the citronella candles and building that tree house for the kids, one of the most important items on your summer “to-do” list should be lining up your home heating price protection or monthly payment plan for this coming winter.

Think about it – no one wants to patch the roof while it’s raining and no one wants to worry about how to plan for home heating during the first cold snap.

One of the easiest ways to help manage the home heating months is with a plan.  Depending upon the plan you choose, you will never have to worry about running out of fuel, price fluctuations that can throw your budget out of whack, or unseasonably cold weather that goes on longer than it did the year before.

Here’s how Dead River Company price protection plans work:


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And if you’re a propane customer, here’s a heads up – for a limited time only, we are offering customers who use 300 gallons or more of propane annually the option of locking in their propane price per gallon for up to three years.

If you’re still not sure what steps you should take to prepare for the next home heating season, give your local Dead River Company office a call.  Our trusted experts will help you decide what plan best meets your needs.

And… it will be a whole lot easier than building that tree house!