Top 10 Trending Holiday Gifts for 2015
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Top 10 Trending Holiday Gifts for 2015

Long before “trending” was an accepted verb, the holiday shopping season was generating trendsetters. From Red Ryder BB guns to Cabbage Patch dolls, from transistor radios to MacBook Airs, there have always been a few items that rise to the top of everyone’s list.

So, I was curious to find out what this year’s hottest items are.  And, it probably comes as no surprise that they come from the tech world.  And, while most have a hefty price tag, they also come with some pretty impressive bells and whistles that can make managing homes and busy lives easier and a little more fun. (Worth noting…actual bells and whistles make great stocking stuffers.)

1.  Amazon Echo – $179.99
For anyone who wants a little extra help around the house.  The voice-activated speaker comes with digital companion Alexa, which can order paper towels from Amazon, turn up the music or tell you the capital of Indonesia, hands-free. (Warning: you could make Siri jealous.)

2.  OXO Barista Brain – $299.99
Consider this the Cadillac of drip-coffee makers.  It’s pricey, luxurious, and has the features coffee fanatics want. The two-in-one model includes a coffee maker and electric kettle for tea and cocoa.

3.  Apple Watch – starting at $399.99 depending on retailer
Apple’s first smartwatch is one of the top gadgets this year. It puts all the iPhone’s alerts and notifications right on your wrist, and lets you connect without constantly reaching for your phone. Anyone with an Apple smartphone would be happy to get one.

4.  Fitbit Charge HR – $149.99
For those who are late to the Fitbit party, the Fitbit Charge HR is a popular gift this year for the loved one who wants to track health and fitness goals.

5.  Apple iPad Mini 4 – $399 (16GB) – $599 (128GB)
The new iPad Mini 4 is thinner and lighter than ever before.  Perfect for the person on the go because of its size and weight.  Ideal for both new tablet owners and those who need an upgrade.

6.  iRobot Roomba Vacuum – $359
Great for pet owners that need a light daily vacuuming, the self-operating iRobot Roomba makes its way around your home and even returns to its charging station when finished. (Bonus: it can make your cat a YouTube star.)

7.  Samsung 55” LED 1080p HDTV Smart TV – $849.99
With this Samsung HDTV, you can enjoy full HD viewing and enriched colors while utilizing the Smart TV features.  Stream videos and music, surf the Internet, download apps and more – all from one of the top-rated Smart TV’s.  You can even watch your TV on your mobile device or vice versa.

8.  Sonos Play Wireless Speaker – $199
Stream your music library, Pandora or Spotify through any room in the house.  The portable 3.5 inch speaker lets you control your music from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.  Add more speakers throughout your house over time to create a full house-wide sound system.

9.  Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display – $1,299.00
The 13-inch 2015 edition of Apple’s popular laptop is fast on the inside with a thin and sleek outside. It’s an all-around powerhouse Mac machine that would please anyone looking for a new laptop this holiday season.

10.  Roku 2 – $69.99
This year’s upgraded Roku 2 is the favorite video streaming box. It’s cheaper than previous Roku versions and an overall better value with a fabulous search feature. Great for Netflix and Hulu fans.


As exciting, cool and innovative as these items are, I am always mindful that, the best things in life aren’t things!

Wishing one and all a Happy Holiday Season!


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