Transform any Living Space with Energy-Efficient Propane Appliances
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Transform any Living Space with Energy-Efficient Propane Appliances

Ben Franklin said that “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.  If Ben had lived in New England he might have added, “and winter in New England.”  And if you believe the Farmer’s Almanac, ice and snow and cold temperatures are coming in abundance this year.

Winter doesn’t need to bring months of burdensome heating costs or layers of wool and fleece to stay warm.  There are ways to reduce your fuel consumption so that energy costs are more manageable, and your home is more comfortable.

Space heating:  You can transform any living space – from basement to sunroom – into a comfort zone with self-adjusting space heating (i.e. a direct or in-direct wall vent furnaces) that keeps room temperatures consistent, from floor to ceiling. A variable-speed blower circulates warm air evenly throughout the room, for consistent warmth – even in corners. With heat evenly distributed throughout the room, there are no more cold spots.

As a result, you’re not turning up the thermostat to heat your entire home.  You can rely on the technology of space heat to keep you comfortable in the rooms you spend the most time in, and enjoy the savings that only this kind of efficiency can deliver.

Tankless Water Heater:  The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately 20 percent of a home’s energy costs are spent heating hot water. There are four ways to cut your water heating bills:

  • Use less hot water
  • Turn down the thermostat on your water heater
  • Insulate your water heater
  • Buy a new more efficient model

For efficiency, you can’t beat a propane tankless water heater. It’s compact in size, and provides an endless supply of hot water on demand. Some ENERGYSTAR® qualified propane units can use up to 40 percent less energy than a traditional tank. That’s like putting money back into your pocket.

At Dead River Company, we want to help you run your home as efficiently, comfortably, and economically as possible. Throughout the heating season, we will be posting no and low-cost energy saving ideas to help you.  Visit to learn how you can save up to $700 on energy-efficient Rinnai propane appliances.