Who doesn’t like an upgrade?
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Who doesn’t like an upgrade?

We all like an upgrade. Coach to First Class, compact car to mid-size, cubicle to corner office. Better usually means bigger. It also usually means more money. Unless you want to upgrade your heating system. Then we’re talking savings. How so?

If you upgrade your heating system to one that’s more efficient, you’re going to reduce your use of fuel and your energy bill. It’s that simple. In fact, upgrading to a highly energy efficient central home heating system can reduce your fuel consumption, on average 30% or more.

At Dead River Company, we believe it’s our responsibility to help you save fuel—and money—by using it as efficiently as possible.

Where should you start?

Determine if now is the time to invest in upgrading your heating system. Visit our website for a quick primer on whether to upgrade or not.

As with just about any home appliance, age and wear and tear are good indicators. If your furnace or boiler is older than 20 years, it’s likely time for a high-efficiency model. If your furnace or boiler is between 10 and 20 years old and you’re just not comfortable enough, or if your fuel bills are high, you should have the system evaluated.

Consider upgrading to a more efficient system if your current system is:

  • An old coal burner that’s been converted to oil or propane
  • An old propane furnace that still has a pilot light. (A model like this is only 65% efficient. The least efficient model available today is 80% efficient.)
  • An old propane furnace without vent dampers or an induced draft fan (which keep heated air from escaping up the chimney when the system is turned off.)

What if you’re not sure?

Dead River Company’s trained Residential Energy Advisors can provide a free estimate. We have many energy efficient equipment options and will work with you to help meet your home energy and conservation needs.

If you have an old system, you’ll be amazed at the energy-efficient options available today. Dead River Company offers and installs propane central heating systems with efficiency ratings up to 95%.

Dead River Company offers savings.

For a limited time, Dead River Company is offering special propane discounts and incentives to help you save on the cost of a new heating system.

So go ahead, treat yourself to an upgrade. We know you want to!