Winter Storm Preparation Checklist
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Winter Storm Preparation Checklist

By: Mark Anderson, Safety Manager at Dead River Company

Winter weather in northern New England can be very unpredictable. As the Dead River Company Safety Manager, I’m a big fan of proper preparation to help get through a big winter storm. My checklist hasn’t let me down yet, so I thought I’d share it with you.

In preparation for a big storm, you should:

  • Fully charge your cell phone
  • Winterize your car, be sure it has plenty of gas, and equip it with an emergency kit (blanket, flashlight, non-perishable high-calorie snacks, first aid kit, shovel, sand/salt or kitty litter, and jumper cables)
  • Request a fuel delivery of heating oil, propane, or kerosene (if you’re a will call customer, schedule delivery several days in advance—a last minute delivery isn’t always possible)
  • Get fuel for your generator and your snow blower
  • Refill any needed prescription medication
  • Post emergency response numbers where you can find them quickly

Be sure you have:

  • Bottled water and non-perishable food (3-day supply)
  • Flashlights and batteries (easily at hand)
  • Candles and matches or a lighter
  • A first aid kit
  • A manual can opener
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Warm clothes including hats, gloves, jackets, and warm socks

And don’t forget:

  • Elderly neighbors or relatives—invite them to weather the storm with you, or check on them frequently
  • Food and water for your pets (and keep them indoors during the storm)
  • Where you put the flashlights and batteries!
  • Games, books, or toys to keep the little ones occupied

Common sense should prevail when weathering a storm. Pay attention to official forecasts and weather alerts and warnings. If there’s high wind, heavy snow, and low visibility, stay indoors. There’ll be plenty of time to play in the snow once the storm is over!